Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I have been lighting my menorah at home on occasion. no prayer said, but it is still nice to share the tradition with friends.

This is the menorah that is sitting in my mom's hospital room. tonight we screwed in half of the eight bulbs.

tonight Mo gave me several delicious gingerbread cookies decorated by herself, alex, mark and micky. the shapes, as far as i can tell are: cactus cookie, halloween cookie?, dick in a box cookie, heart cookie, marsupial ? cookie, bear? cookie, and micky's drunken attempt at decorating cookie.

As gifts i have been giving home made jewelry and giving spirit animal readings.

And finally, i have been watching Carl Sagan's Cosmos because it really just reminds me that the holidays don't mean shit.


BASIIK & YOU said...

I hope your mom is doing okay. I wish I could be there with you.

amalia said...

Thanks bb.
i cannot wait to see you!

Wife of Harrington said...

That is a cat, althogh I can see why you think it is a bear. I'm honored to be on your blog. Also, I fucking love spirit animals. I think mine is a loon because I love water and I like to sing. What is your's?

John L. said...

I heard that the Beaver spirit animal is the most bad ass. Just what I heard.