Friday, December 26, 2008

cleaning day

I spent christmas eve cleaning my office and bedroom. i am a horrible pack rat and also really really terrible at organization so everything is one gigantic mess of things from the past 5 years crammed into a tiny space with little method to the madness.

while cleaning i listened to the CHRISTMAS ME TIME MIX (played at random, because, little known fact about me, i listen to everything with the random function on. keeps things FRESH):
The Purple Bottle - Animal Collective
My Girls - Animal Collective
Scream Scream - The Battle Royale
Notebooks - The Battle Royale
Kate - Ben Folds Five
Eisenhower Is The Father - Best Friends Forever
Ghost Song - Best Friends Forever
Tour Magic - Best Friends Forever
Video Phone - Beyonce
Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) - Beyonce
Check On It Feat. Bun B And Slim Thug - Beyonce
Half A Mile Away - Billy Joel
She's Always A Woman - Billy Joel
Only The Good Die Young - Billy Joel
Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) - Billy Joel
Womanizer - Britney Spears
Mmm Papi - Britney Spears
If U Seek Amy - Britney Spears
Born To Run - Bruce Springsteen
Born In The U.S.A. - Bruce Springsteen
The Lovecats - The Cure
American Boy (Ft. Kanye West) - Estelle
Hypnotize - Notorious BIG
You Can Call Me Al - Paul Simon
Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes - Paul Simon
Gumboots - Paul Simon
Graceland - Paul Simon
Swing - Savage
Cecilia - Simon & Garfunkel
Mrs. Robinson - Simon & Garfunkel
She's A Bad Mama Jama - Stevie Wonder
Pastime Paradise - Stevie Wonder
Sir Duke - Stevie Wonder
Very Superstitious - Stevie Wonder
Isn't She Lovely - Stevie Wonder
Under Control - The Strokes
Automatic Stop - The Strokes
Take It or Leave It - The Strokes
New York City Cops - The Strokes
Last Nite - The Strokes
Soma - The Strokes
Harmour Love - Syreeta Wright
Head Over Heels, Broken (Live) - Tears For Fears
Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Tears For Fears
Shout - Tears For Fears
The Christmas Song - Vince Guaraldi Trio
Ghosts and Strangers - We All Have Hooks For Hands
The Secret Life of Dolls and Doldrums - We All Have Hooks For Hands
Oh I'd Expect - We All Have Hooks For Hands
Jumpin Jean-Luc - We All Have Hooks For Hands
The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations On A Shaker Hymn) - Weezer
Pink Triangle - Weezer
Holiday - Weezer
Undone (The Sweater Song) - Weezer
Buddy Holly - Weezer

Kate: i found a really good senior photo of you that is now on my fridge.
Liz and Sage: sorry for messing up the kitchen while you two were celebrating the lord's day (and sage's birthday).

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Love is Hell said...

iiick senior picturesssssss