Monday, March 10, 2008

I am extremely happy about these things

lots and lots of simon and garfunkel.

a script that i am genuinely excited to make into a film.

the sun.

lazy weekends.

this has been a really hard semester. we'll see where i land come summertime (which i have never wanted more in my life!)


here are some new york times articles that i want to remember to read or reread. maybe you will enjoy them as well.

Is PBS Still Necessary?

the interest (and funding) in public television is sharply declining, while the audience for the supposedly outdated radio format is on the rise.

Man, Godard and Nature (and Bardot, too)
Godard's Contempt turns 45 this year. Excellent article about initial reactions to the film as well as why it is still so relevant.

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A. Von Falcon said...

Son of Rambow looks awesome.

i will go see it with you, yes?