Tuesday, January 8, 2008

films i saw last year

Tonight, after seeing P.T. Anderson's latest work of genius, There Will be Blood!, for the second time i left the movie theatre feeling enlightened and inspired. i feel motivated now for this upcoming semester and all of my new projects.

here are the films i saw this past year that have affected me and make me want to continue down the path that i am on.

Apocalypse Now

Brand Upon The Brain!

The Darjeeling Limited

Margot at the Wedding

Three Kings

No Country for Old Men

There Will Be Blood!
(technically saw it in 2008, but this movie exceeds all time and space)

note to self: learning to be an emotionally open person is key to creating work that will mean a damn thing to anyone else.

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A. Von Falcon said...

Exciting little note to yourself there. I couldn't agree more. Stories that connect on the emotional level are the ones that twist you up and spit you out anew