Tuesday, December 18, 2007

this one goes out to Liz Elton and KWS

here is my mother's chili recipe, now made vegan by me. adding the real thing wouldn't be hard though. this recipe makes a lot of food, but it's good to freeze and is also great to share.

you need:

-large pot
-a spoon
-vegetarian meat
-olive oil
-chili powder
-lots of garlic
-as little or as much onion as you like
-soy sauce
-tomato paste, sauce, and whole tomatoes (i use the canned ones)
-kidney beans and red beans (3 of each)


(as you are doing these first steps, make sure you have some hot water boiling)

1: put oil, salt, something like 3tbs chili powder, and maybe 1 1/2 tbs of cumin in the pot. heat it up and then sautee the onion and garlic

2: add the meat and more olive oil and about half a can of tomato paste.

3: add tomato sauce and soy sauce to taste (soy sauce gives a nice salty meaty flavor)

4: cut or tear apart the whole tomatoes and add them.

5: add the beans

6: add enough hot water to cover the beans. add a carrot, to soak up the acidity. once the dish is done, take the carrots out and throw them away.

7: stir the chili every half hour. once it starts boiling turn the heat down to a simmer. cook for up to 2 hours.

(i know all the measurements are ridiculous, but seriously. this is the easiest thing to cook in the universe. the worst thing you can do to it is burn it.)



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you are cute and nice. for sharing recipes. lets all cook.

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