Friday, December 21, 2007

my grandmother

here are two of ten portraits that i took of my grandmother this year.

I decided to take a deeper look at ten images that I found by looking for the words “grandmother” and “grandma.” I then took those images and had my own grandmother recreate them, while still maintaining a sense of her own personality. They are by no means perfect recreations of the originals, but in having my own grandmother imitate the lives of other grandmothers that I have found on the Internet, she and I created our own reality and history.

this project was the most fun my grandmother and i have ever had.


jenny. said...

i think i'd like to meet your grandmama. she seems like such a cool ladyyyyy

Ghetto Satisfaction said...

I saw the phrase "a gun and a girl" on monica's sidebar and thought, "I bet this is amalia's blog".