Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fantasy Makers™ 20102012

Fantasy Makers™
Opening Reception: Friday, February 5, 7pm
Lunchtime Artist Talk: Thursday, February 11, 12 pm

Fantasy Makers™ is coming! We’re actually building the set/thinking about building the set. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Everyone welcome, bring talents, wishes dreams and clean panties. Fantasy Makers™ provides a space for you and your passions. No judgment, only pure authentic feeling. BEAUTY, ELEGANCE, GLAMOUR AND GRACE! Aquarius is coming so don’t flake out, okay? Use the extra freedom to release your inhibitions. What oyster? Your oyster?

Let your dreams come true with Katelyn Reece Farstad, Angelina Luckeroth, Amalia Nicholson, Sissy La Poo and many surprise guests!

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