Friday, December 19, 2008


// feeling very jealous of and sad about the people who i love that are moving out of minneapolis for amazing adventures in foreign lands filled with art making and new friends. i will miss all of them greatly, and if i didn't say good bye to you it is because i get really anxious about good byes, and tend to avoid them. and also it makes me think that the time apart will go faster.

// Jack and I spent the past two days making cookies for Pegasus #2 at the Medusa and jewelry out of recycled bits and pins that I found.

// watched:
baby mama: charming. fun to see some ~*~laydeez~*~ being funny with the laydee subjects.
harold and kumar go to white castle: lame, obviously. made me dread post-college life.
young at heart: old people who just want to sing frank sinatra are being forced to sing sex pistols and hate it. the effects of alzheimer's is not a charming film subject. turned it off after 15 minutes.
college road trip: take it or leave it. there was a lot of screaming in it?
white chicks: classic.


jenny. said...


love yaaaa

come to a foreign land with me!! adventuretime.

Zachary Nash said...

You know I love you, but I'll never love White Chicks.

Also, i feel that Ireland might be severely lacking in the badass bitch dept. Spring break?