Tuesday, November 18, 2008

in no particular order


1. MU - Hello Bored Biz Man
I feel like a crazy person when i listen to this song. But i also feel like a crazy person when i'm not listening to it. whatever. i like the song.

2. Heart - Magic Man
My obsession began when i watched The Virgin Suicides for the first time this year. The scene when Josh Hartnett's character first appears and this song is playing is genius and epitomizes teenange love in the best way.

3. High Places - Oceanus
I have no clue where i found this song, but last week my itunes was shuffling and this played. a completely unexpected but needed surprise.

4. Lil Wayne - Mrs. Officer
OK. You have totally heard this song on the radio or some shit. I AM SORRY BUT MAKING SIREN NOISES WHILE YOU DRIVE RULES A LOT.

5. 2PAC - California Love
This song makes me miss 1st grade a lot. Elizabeth, Tynisha and I would sit in the back of the school bus singing 2Pac and Mariah Carey everyday. We also made up a lot of swear words. BADASSES.

6. Saul Williams - Control Freak
Also don't remember where i obtained Saul Williams' music... but it rules.

7. Simon Bookish - Victorinox
OK. Simon Bookish and I have a very complex relationship. My dear friend Jak has been into him for years and I have ALWAYS hated it. But a month ago the world told me to listen to his new album EVERYTHING/EVERYTHING and it is genius. He is like a mix of Phillip Glass, Bjork, David Bowie and magic. Thanks Jak.

8. Santogold/Diplo - Guns of Brooklyn
Santogold makes me feel nostalgic for something that i cannot figure out yet.

9. Gay Beast - Multi-Purpose
I loved this song during a huge chunk of my my awkward high school years. STILL AWKWARD, STILL INTO THE SONG.

10. Notorious B.I.G. - Big Poppa

11. Marnie Stern - This American Life
I like listening to this song when i get dressed in the morning because it makes me want to explode.

12. The Last Poets - When the Revolution Comes
In 10th grade my english teacher played The Last Poets and i lost it. I went home and asked my dad if he had ever heard of them.

He should have slapped me.

13. N.W.A. - Something 2 Dance 2
While "Fuck tha Police" may be one of their most famous songs, people seem to forget that these Niggas With Attitude WANNA DANCE.

14. Sean Na Na - The Princess and The Pony
For a really long time i totally believed that Har Mar Superstar and Sean Na Na were brothers.


Jessica Ashley Nelson said...

I said lady what's ya number she said 911 Haaa... emergency only

is my personal favorite part :)


STRANGE BUT TRUE: when i was reading your description for the lil wayne song, a siren started not too far off outside my window. lil wayne is magic.