Wednesday, October 1, 2008


"Generation Celebration" by Detektivbyrån

great music and perhaps even greater people.


blood loss sway said...

yeaaah, i love them! they were on almanac, and at the cedar for NORDIC ROOTS did you go? i used to go to nordic roots festival every year with my family, they are friends with Rob. Rob runs nordic roots, actually my uncle built Rob a house in the woods that my uncle then lived in for a really long time, it was beautiful, and on a lake and it had two birdwatching towers, and a good sound system

amalia said...

yes i did see them! it was amazing. easily one of the best performances i have seen in a long time. and i saw almanac. I will have to tell you more sometime.
My roommate sage works at the cedar and probably knows this friend of yours.
also, why don't birdwatching towers come standard in all houses?