Thursday, May 29, 2008


It has been too cold since I have finished with school that I don't believe that summer vacation is real yet. So to remedy that, I have filled my apartment with as much greenery as I can. My latest baby is a cutting from an unknown plant that my grandmother gave me on sunday (in addition to a new bike!! ugh best grandparents). any botanists reading this that can tell me what type of plant this is? i could just call her.

my newest baby, next to a picture of my lovely grandmother

crappy close up shot.


brenda said...

amalia dearest, I would agree completely that summer is a faux prophet right now...

but we, being the awesome, intelligent women that we are, should take advantage of this shitty weather to go see Baby Mama and other great pieces of work of our time.

whaddya say?

brenda said...

Im not brenda though, I'm Abi. Abi chase.. dunno why brenda is signed in..