Monday, January 28, 2008

found my diary from 2001 to 2004

January 22, 2002 - 10:00 am
The Strokes!


So practice went pretty well! we can almost play "Last Nite" which is damn cool. Then we(me river and molly) watched SNL with Jack Black and the Strokes. awesome awesome awesome. Jack Black was funny as usual, and the strokes were marvelous. we taped the good parts and watched them over and over. liek when Julian and Fab kissed. bwahahaha. yum...

then river and i emailed Ryan Gentles (the strokes' manager) and asked how tall they are, because they look like giants. He emailed us back yesterday, and said that Julian and Nikolai are 6"3', Nick is 6"4', and Fab and Albert are 5"11'. i feel so short!! Nick is a foot taller than me!! hehe.


River, Molly, Max, and I went and saw The Royal Tenenbaums. it was very good. Then i got the Metal Edge magazine with Handsome Devil in it. very cool. But the rest of the magazine isn't exactly my thing. but that's ok. actually, they have an article on a really interesting band called Toilet Boys. I saw a picture of a trans guy, and being the transfreak that i seem to be i wanted to read more. so i read it and they seem a lot like Hedwig and the Angry Inch! not as glam, but yeah! i downloaded a bunch of their stuff, and they're good!!!! check em out. lots of pyrotechnics. awesome.

then i went to Natalie's 1st birthday party. she is so cute.

gah. my mom and i got in a huge fight last night. i'll talk about it more later, but now i just need to think about how much i dislike that woman.